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CPR was founded to provide families the option for a respectful, well deserved yet cost-friendly funeral which was missing in the traditional funeral services. We offer families peace of mind through our high quality, wide-selection of affordable products. Our trusted team listens to your needs and ensures we meet your expectations, CPR is here for you and your loved ones.

Families no longer need to be concerned or worried about their "Emotional loss becoming their financial loss". CPR's mission and vision is to ensure Families do not have to go through the stress of dealing with purchasing costly traditional funeral products which are not required or needed. When a death occurs or if families are planning and preparing to purchase products for the departure of their loved ones, we encourage you to make CPR your first contact. CPR now offers burial plots, caskets, urns, monuments, flower arrangements & niches, catering to individual, couples, family & group plots.

We guide and assist families in making the right choice, by selecting the right products at affordable prices to "SAVE MONEY".
Our Purpose

To bring some comfort to an otherwise difficult experience by offering each and every person care, compassion and choice. We make the memories of life and the wishes of loved ones the heart of everything we do.

Our Value

We value our role, reputation and responsibility in providing important help to our community.

Our Vision

To allow every family to give their loved one a respectful, well-deserved departure without having the burden of worrying out financial strain. Our vision is to ensure your "Emotional loss does not become your financial loss"